Little Random Surprises

Today was one of those days that felt good.

I reacquainted with an old friend, paid a visit to a BFF and still had time to make a new pal along the way.  Of course I am talking about food and make-up -- two of the things that give me the most joy in life.

Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow
"Antique Gold" $22 at department stores and bobbibrown.com To Buy

There is a good chance I may have bought this eye shadow a year ago and within that time I probably wore it less than 5 times.  And I don't understand why?  It's beautiful.  The word gold is slightly misleading because it is actually more of a pewter but very soft with a subtle hint of sparkle.  Definitely more sheer and muted than it looks in the pot.  Bobbi describes it as a "deep gold sparkle."  Looks striking with black eyeliner.  Despite being a beautiful shade, 12 hours later, it still is crease-free.  Perfect because it is a shade that can be worn day or night or day to night.  For a better look at the color, click on the link above.

Macy's Cupcakes

One of the best kept secrets at Macy's is their cupcakes.  They are delicious.  Today my Mom met me for lunch and our tradition is to split a Macy's cupcake for dessert.  We are most definitely frosting aficionados and both agree the best part of this cupcake is the buttercream frosting.  Their frosting is better than any other bakery I have ever tasted.  Almost as good as homemade.  Today the cupcake was even decorated with mini footballs and blue and orange sprinkles.  How very Bears playoff game.

Embasa Carrots
Available in your grocery store's ethnic foods aisle

The burrito place down the street from us makes a burrito with marinated spicy carrots inside...it sounds weird but is seriously so tasty.  So tonight when it was taco night at Casa Cheapskate, we added these carrots to our tacos and had a fiesta.  Whenever I add carrots to something, I like how it makes the dish a little more sweet and the crunch is definitely an improvement over Shreds lettuce.  It's not too spicy and the marinade adds a little acid for an even more intense flavor profile.  That's Top Chef lingo.  We were so impressed how these carrots really took our tacos to the next level.

I am aware these are random notes to share but this is my day -- one little pleasant surprise after another -- just like I like it!

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