Celebrity Inspiration: Rachel Bilson

I am so happy Summer Roberts a.k.a. Rachel Bilson is returning to television this Fall.  Seeing how last season I did not start watching any new shows, I am anxiously awaiting Rachel's Hart of Dixie as it combines many of the elements this sophisticate requires to make it onto her DVR.  For example,  Hart of Dixie also features Scott Porter of Friday Nights Light fame (my previous obsession) and is from the production team of Gossip Girl. 

It is also targeted towards teenage girls of which I am not.  Therefore right up my alley i.e. my obsession with the WB's Vampire Diaries.

Not only is Rachel enjoyable to watch, she is also a total fashion plate.  She even writes her own column for InStyle magazine.  And gets invited to Chanel fashion shows in Paris.  Not to mention she makes weird commercials for ice cream directed by Karl Lagerfeld.  (Forgiveness granted for said weird commercial  because her ombre hair is to die for.)

I would be more jealous of Rachel but she just seems so darn likable.  And her fashions are not only inspiring but can be interpreted on a budget.  As an FYI, her Chanel handbag alone is upwards of $1000 while our CC take on the entire outfit is around $200.

Celebrity Inspiration: Rachel Bilson

Besides being easy to recreate, this outfit is inspiring for a couple reasons.  First, it is seasonless.  Throw on a pair of tights for cold weather or sandals and bare legs for warm weather.  Second, after researching this look I am newly obsessed with grey quilted handbags.  They just add a softer touch and are perfect for year-round wear.

Romeo & Juliet Couture Stone Quilted Handbag
$83 at Bluefly.com To Buy

Not only am I pumped for a potential new tv show, I am excited to see more Rachel Bilson fashion moments as she promotes her new show this Fall. 

My DVR and CCs of the world thank Ms. Bilson in advance.

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