Couture vs. Cheapskate: Yellow Skinny Jeans

Can you tell which yellow skinny jeans cost $16 versus $169?

Couture vs. Cheapskate: Yellow Skinny Jeans

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To determine the difference, I am going to take this down to rivets because lemons to lemons, both pairs are pretty similar.

Pair A has a few more details around the pockets including rivets. And what have we learned about details?  Generally they equal higher price. Therefore, it can be concluded Pair A is the $169 pair.

7 For All Mankind "The Skinny Jeans"
$169 at Piperlime.com  To Buy

I know I have done a similar exercise in the past but yellow is the new khaki people and I did not want any CC moving into Spring misinformed.  I know, I know, Spring feels light years away...or did it just leave?  The reason I bring it up now is because my cheapskate version of this jean is flying off the shelf....err table.

Fitted Skinny Jean
$15.50 at Forever21  To Buy

Between my recent visits to Forever21, the inventory significantly dwindled of this jean.  Of course this left me slightly panicked that I might miss my chance to scoop up this awesome deal.  Although I have yet to make my purchase, I have rested assured knowing that tons of retailers are showing the yellow jean as the new neutral for Spring.  See Ann TaylorExpress and Ralph Lauren for reference.

How F21 styled...so simple yet so sunny

For the record, I have seen both pairs in-person and the 7 For All Mankind pair is pretty fabulous in color and fabric.  When using yellow jeans like a pair of khakis, $169 is a worthwhile investment.  For a shopaholic like myself, I will be sticking with a more affordable pair to free up extra room in my budget for other Spring purchases.

Sunshine day!  Yellow jeans are where it's at for Spring!  One thing I have learned over the years, when it comes to a great bargain, it is never too early to start shopping.

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