Skirt Stock-Up

Something so crazy happened this month without me realizing it.

Or trying for that matter!

I have not bought one stitch of clothing all month except for around $2 to cover the difference from a Christmas exchange and the $20 I just spent.

It's a January miracle!

I had about $40 in credit at JCPenney from a holiday return situation that I decided to use today and do a little skirt stock-up.

Jones Wear Floral Skirt
$20 at JCPenney  To Buy

This could be a total miss but I was intrigued by the color palette and floral story. Floral continues to be a trend for Spring so why not pick a piece up now for minimum investment.  The contrast of bold red with yellow and hints of sky blue feels very modern for such a feminine print.  I can't quite tell if the dark color is black or navy but either way me likey.  In my head I see a red blouse as the top...

Worthington Pencil Skirt
$17 at JCPenney  To Buy

I have seen this skirt a million different places and ways.  I think it's because it resembles this skirt from J.Crew.  I have heard this J.Crew skirt is amazing and the color options are pretty awesome, but I am saving over $100 here and I guarantee no one besides me (and now you) will know the difference.  This skirt will function as an update to my red pencil skirt in my wardrobe.  Of course the belt will get kicked to the curb for something less matchy.

I 'Heart' Ronson Pleather Skirt
$17 at JCPenney  To Buy

Last but not least, the pleather mini skirt.  Even my internal fashion conscious says "what?"  I have been on the hunt for a leather bottom all season long.  Was is it shorts?  A skirt?  I don't know.  The only thing I did know was that it had to be leather not pleather.  I am still looking for said leather bottom but I am starting to lose hope.  My despair convinced me to take a chance and see if this skirt has potential in my wardrobe.  At the end of the day it's $17 so it is a small risk and I can always return it if it's hideous.  Let's be honest, I think we have all paid $17 at one time or another for a cocktail and that doesn't always end up pretty either.

This is when I feel like I do my best work...seeing how far I can stretch a gift card.  Who knows?  All three skirts could be going back.  However!  That may start the whole process over again leading to more fun and fashion games.

CC Tip:  Invest in a tape measure.  It can be your online shopping BFF.  For example, measuring around your hips as I did to make sure you are ordering the correct size.  This simple step reduces your chances of having to deal with an online return which I know a lot of people dread.

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