Happy New Year!

In honor of my resolution to be more of a cheapskate and less of a shopaholic, I decided to start 2012 wearing an outfit compromised of items I already own and have worn many times before...just not together.

The only exception is a neon yellow rhinestone necklace from Forever21.  I bought it last week in 2011 and it was less than $15 so all current 2012 resolutions are still in tact.  Plus there is a built-in clause to my resolution that includes a free pass for any item that includes the words neon, yellow and rhinestone. Obviously a given.

Happy New Year!

Items included in set: Old Navy Tank Top $8.50, Max Azria Leather Cotton-Panel Jacket $325, Karen Kane Sequin Skirt $44,  Nine West Heels $40, Forever21 Fringe Clutch $23, Forever21 Star Ring $3.80, Betsey Johnson EarringsOld Navy Knit Scarf $14, NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil Celebrate $24, SO Silver Tone Bead Necklace $12

I know most of you are thinking "Wow...CC...what an accomplishment.  Wearing things you already own.  How do you do it?  Are you a fashion magician?"  I agree. Hence the reason why I will be looking to my closet first and embracing the lifestyle I pride myself on before I start shopping.

Couture Cheapskates unite!  Let 2012 be our most stylish yet!

P.S. Thank you for reading, putting up with my general craziness and Beyonce-obsessing on a somewhat regular basis.  I truly appreciate it and wish you the happiest New Year.

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