Bauble Head

Now that Beyonce has had her big reveal, not being one to steal any thunder, I feel like the time is now appropriate to share some major happenings in my world.

My neon yellow rhinestone necklace is now on the Forever21 website!

Scalloped Bib Necklace
$14.80 at Forever21  To Buy

Funny fashion story...I had been on the hunt for a yellow rhinestone necklace for ages.  I came across one that also had hot pink rhinestones but was $60.  Although it was pretty amazing, I wasn't sold on the price and collar style.  Because I couldn't find anything else, I had made up my mind to buy it.  Well as luck would have it, that same day I wandered into Forever21 and found this one for $15.  It was as if we were meant to be together!  $45 saved!  Holler!

It's not as exciting as a baby, I guess, but getting a bargain on something I had been searching for really made my day.

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