CC Stands For Chic Cardigan

Sometimes you have to add one or two things to your wardrobe that are not super exciting but you know in your gut you will get tons of wear and be so grateful you made the purchase.

That is the case with this sweater I bought as part of a Christmas exchange.

Textured Open Front Cardigan
$22.80 at Forever21  To Buy

The obvious reference here is Chanel with the graphic black and white knit.  I didn't expect so many people to go there when I wore this sweater to work but I am glad they did!  I think pairing it with a pleated skirt and motorcycle boots nudged them over the edge.  I wish I had a fabulous Chanel brooch or set of beads to really take my $23 sweater to the next level.

Up-close and personal

Besides being Chanel-inspired, I love this sweater because of its jacket-like qualities.  The silhouette packs lots of polish but is super comfortable.  My only call-out is this sweater has a bit of a crop to it so if you are longer through the torso, I advise sizing up for more length.  I prefer wearing this sweater with more high-waisted bottoms because it creates a more flattering silhouette.

All in all, this may not be the most flashy item in my closet but I have to say I do love this sweater and am certain I will wear it often.  A couture reference never hurts either.

CC not only stands for chic cardigan but also Chanel copycat.

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