2011 Favorite Fashion Moment

There were many fabulous fashion moments in 2011.

Hello Gwyneth Paltrow emerald green gown!

But none captured my heart as much as this look from CC-favorite Rachel Bilson:

Some might argue that this look is too simple and pedestrian to be considered my favorite fashion moment of 2011, but that is exactly why I like it.  This outfit is easy to recreate on a budget and all of the pieces are wearable basics that will coordinate with everything in your existing wardrobe.  The combination is unexpected, fun and easy.

If you want to add red pants to your collection, I have this pair from Express:

Ultimate Double Weave Columnist Pant
$79.90 at Express  To Buy

While this is not the pair pictured below, I prefer the slimmer leg of this pant than the wider-leg Editor.  When it comes to tucking-in a blouse, a slim leg is more flattering to offset the volume of a looser blouse, especially if you have a curvy shape.  I own both style pants and am generally happy with either and both would work well in this look.

Signature Stretch Editor Original Pant
$69.90 at Express  To Buy

Check-out the great deal on the more "couture" blouse.  The "cheapskate" version is in a print so similar to a fabric DVF used last Spring that it easily passes for couture.  I had to add jewelry and the black pouch has found its way onto my potential-to-purchase list. The gold studs are amazing.

Celebrity Inspiration: Rachel Bilson Pt.2

Items included in set:  Vanessa Bruno sheer top $156, Old Navy Chiffon Blouse $33, Signature Stretch Editor Pant Express $69.90, Black clutch $55, Gorjana star jewelry $35, Tinley Road Gold Rings $18

And just because I know you are not only keeping track of my fashion trials and tribulations but also my out-of-control television viewing habits, I think it needs to be said Hart of Dixie is my favorite new show.  I only picked-up one other new show this season (Up All Night) and I just enjoy the light-hearted feel...not to mention the great clothes.  There is also a character named "Lemon" and I think that is the cutest name ever.  Watch out Apple Martin...you do not have the market cornered on adorable fruit names anymore.

Jamie King aka "Lemon Breeland"

So there you have it, two of my favorite things that happened in 2011.  Rachel Bilson's easy to imitate stylish ensemble and the delightful Hart of Dixie.  

I can't wait to see what fashion will happen in 2012...and if I will discover any new television treasures.

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