Pop of Pink Pants

I am one of those freaks who likes winter.  It is my second favorite season.  The cold temps give you an excuse to stay indoors, be cozy and eat comfort food.  So in other words, be a lazy sloth.

Needless to say, this winter has left me a little disappointed.  Fifty degrees = having to get up off the couch.

The one advantage to our relative winter-less winter was it allowed me the opportunity to wear my hot pink Old Navy pants that ended up being more capri than ankle length.

Old Navy Cuffed Dress Capri
$9.97 at Old Navy.com  To Buy 
(no longer available in pink...sad)

Still unsure how to style these pants, I went to my old standby look for working with colored bottoms:  black blazer and underpinning.  Boom!  Fashion rocket science.

The only trick to this look is to make sure the fabric of your blazer matches the seasonal tone of your pants.  You don't want a blazer that reads winter and capris that are more summer-like.  If the black top feels too heavy for the pant, then pick a lighter fabric top or hold off wearing the bottom until its appropriate season.

For a winning example, see Kristen Bell's recent look:

Pinky Pants

I wore a version of this outfit back in December so it reads more holiday than I would typically take it with sequined shoes and all.  As I recreate this look going forward, my black pieces will be more structural and classic for a polished feel.   I have also worn a similar version of this look using my green skinny jeans.

Once you unlock the magic of this look, the possibilities are endless and best of all easy.  When working with all black, the color gets to be the star and you feel fashionable with minimal effort.  Plus, a pop of color wards off the winter blues for those of you who are counting the days until Spring.

CC Tip:  When working with colored bottoms, simplicity is the key.  Also, capris and ankle-length pants always look best with a pointy toe in colder weather.

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