Two Dresses...One Obsession

I have approximately zero places that require me to wear a dress before Christmas.  Can I get a winter wedding or something?

That does not stop me, however, from developing any sort of obsession for special occasion dresses this time of year.

Here are two numbers that do not involve sequins.

Bisou Bisou One Shoulder Belted Gold Dress
$49.99 at JCPenney  To Buy

I am currently trying to establish the one-shoulder/long-sleeve combo as my signature look.  This dress will take me one step further on my journey.  Over the last year, JC Penney dresses have impressed me and you really can't beat the price.  If there is any sort of promo coming up, I will have a hard time passing this gold confection up.  It is a People StyleWatch "Must Have" for goodness' sake.

Pleated Strapless Sweetheart Dress
$34.80 at Forever21  To Buy

There is not one thing about this dress I do not love.  Of course I love it because it is pleated but the midi-length and sweetheart neckline are so stylish.  The teal is stunning.  I have yet to see this dress in-person but from what I see online, I feel tempted to order because I think it is so beautiful.

It is awesome you could buy both these dresses for less than $100.  When you get a deal this good, it can be worth making the purchase just to have something in your closet you know you can wear for a future occasion.  For sure worth picking-up if they go on-sale after the holidays.

I think you know where I am going with this...I am very predictable.

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