Dressed-Up Dazzle

Last week I shared with you two dresses I have been obsessing over.

Now is the perfect time to share with you the perfect jewels to accompany said dresses.

Tinley Road Deco Crystal Shell Drop Earring
$22 at Piperlime.com  To Buy

These are the perfect special occasion earrings...a little funky, unique and rhinestones!  They look like you pulled them out of your granny's jewelry box or from a vintage shop.  One of my favorite combos is gold jewelry with clear rhinestones because it coordinates with both silver and gold accessories.  I find $22 to be beyond reasonable for a piece of jewelry so versatile...which leads me to my next treasure.

  Textured Horse Shoe Ring
$5.80 at Forever21  To Buy

This ring has been a hit.  I have worn it about 5 times since I bought it last week at Forever21.  People are shocked when I tell them it cost only $6.  I have to say, in-person, it looks quite luxe and I love the unusual design. Again, you will see rhinestones mixed with gold metal and in this case a pearl!

So my point with all this is to show you how my two jewelry obsessions are the perfect complement to my two special occasion dress obsessions.

I consider this set a CC "Ode to December."  You recognize the dresses, the jewels and hopefully the shoes.  I took the liberty of mixing in outerwear and clutches for each look; styling one more classic and the other more cool.  Needless to say after doing this, my obsession has grown stronger.  Especially because the price tag of each outfit is reasonable given the versatile pieces.

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