Christmas Ballin'

This Christmas was the best kind of Christmas.  There were funny moments, touching moments; genuine surprises and genuine not-so-surprises-but-I-am-thrilled-anyway...mixed in with a few "what the heck's?"  All in all a little random, but that's how I like it!

Oh.  Did you think I was referring to gifts?  No, I was talking the return of NBA basketball and the slew of celebrities who attended the season-opening games.

Obviously the Lakers game in LaLa Land was the hotspot for courtside celebrity sightings.  Adam Levine, the girl from Pretty Little Liars, Snoop Dogg carrying his wife's purse, David Silver...just to name a few.  However, the real show was the fashion face-off between Lil Wayne and Kanye.

Can we just take a moment to analyze Lil Wayne's velour animal print hoodie?  Is it Juicy?  The neon orange watch is tres resort.  He is also wearing camouflage shorts which I know some you out there also wear...you know who you are.

Man, Kanye loves denim on denim get-ups.

I was kind of mad at him because I thought he was there supporting the Lakers...but he wasn't!

(Check out those emoticons)

Just so you know who had the game-winning shot...Chi-Town's D-Rose.

(That World Peace / Ron Artest name change is no joke)

Man, I am going to miss those Kardashians in the Lakers' stands but we will always have Dallas.

I kind of love Khloe's ombre hair color.  Can you believe Kris Jenner missed this photo op?

Here is the picture that makes me die.  How cute is Egypt at the Knicks game?

So I think we are all in agreement on one thing regarding the return of NBA basketball...celebrity sightings!!!  There was just one celebrity noticeably absent from our usual holiday festivities.  Duh.  Pitbull.

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Gayle said...

Definitely lacking in the Pitbull department. I too am loving the ombre look - wish I could pull it off better with the curls. Sigh. PS - Are you slamming my hubby and kid's camo shorts?!