Kitchen Spice & Everything Nice

I find when you give a kitchen-lover something to practice their craft, it's two gifts for the price of one.

One gift for them and a second gift for you when they make you something homemade and fabulous.

Here are some of my favorite things...and a couple from my wish list.

Kitchen Spice & Everything Nice

  1. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes From An Accidental Country Girl by Ree Drummond $18.33  If you dream of a farm life, this cookbook from a former city slicker is for you.  Her pulled pork is awesome.
  2. Personalized Silicone Spatulas and Spoonulas $29.95  Nothing beats a Williams-Sonoma spatula and the personalized detail is a nice touch.  If you have issues keeping track of spatulas...problem solved.
  3. Joseph Joseph "Nest 8" Preparation Bowl Set $49.99  Whenever I see this, I think how perfect this would be for a first time home owner or someone who lives in a smaller space.  I also love the fun colors.
  4. Le Creuset 2.75 Quart Utensil Crock $34.99  Although I am perfectly satisfied with my utensil crock, I can't help but wish for this one.  Available in a variety of colors but perfect in white.
  5. Cupcake Surprise Pan $19.99  Dreamy filled cupcakes?  Done.  I am fascinated by this thing.
  6. "Kitchen Spice" Yankee Candle  A home scent favorite with notes of orange, clover, cinnamon and ginger.  No cooking necessary.
  7. Dining Room Measuring Spoons $24  How adorable?
  8. 4-Cup Batter Dispenser $14.99  I hate filling muffin tins because it is so messy.  This dispenser might be the solution.
  9. Zak Designs "Rose" Colander $8.99  I love anything mini including colanders.  Equally cute on an exposed shelf or countertop.
  10. Whoopie Pies Cookbook by Sarah Billingsley and Amy Treadwell  An Amish dessert tradition currently giving cupcakes a run for their money.

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