Red Suits & Fur Coats

Tonight I am going to see these two:

To celebrate, I salute my favorite fashion moments from said performers.


Kanye's signature style for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was head-to-toe red; red suit with coordinating Louis Vuitton red shoes.  He wore it on the VMAs and SNL among other places.  I prefer his VMA look best with black undershirt and gold chains.  This is a look I could get down with...apparently so could Heidi Klum.  Can you believe they wore these outfits within days of one another?  Apparently September 2010 was the year of the red power suit.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't considering adding this suit to my collection.  I mean if Heidi and Kanye can pull it off, surely I can.

Ultimate Double Weave Jacket & Columnist Pant
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Here is my favorite Jay-Z fashion moment:

Just kidding!  That's Beyonce pretending him to be him!

I love her.  Why is she so crazy?

I have to hand it to Jay-Z, he pretty much sticks to jeans, t-shirts and suits.  Plus he likes to wear all black.

In this case, it is a fur coat and three-piece suit which is obviously a statement in subtlety and frugality.  This is taken from the American Gangster soundtrack and I recommend if you have any spare time to watch  the video because there are a million famous people in it (incl. Mariah Carey) and the child actor is astonishing.  While I think there maybe a couple Jay-Z fashion moments I like better, this is my favorite video from an overall style aesthetic.

Wish me luck tonight.  Allegedly Beyonce has been on tour with them.  Backstage of course.  She is pregnant after all   Maybe she will spot me in the crowd and finally invite me to be besties.  Fingers crossed!!!

P.S. I am committing to a less celeb filled December from here on out.

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