Fab Footwear Update

If you recall earlier in the Spring / Summer, I have been making a concentrated effort to update my warm weather weather footwear options.

Fab Footwear Pair #1:  Jessica Simpson Kendale

On sale from $40+ at Von Maur, Lord & Taylor, Endless.com
Also available in black and tan
Google Shop "Jessica Simpson Kendale" for options

All day long, people were like, "OMG!  CC!  Did you know your shoes look just like Valentino?"  Duh.  That is why I bought them.  Although I don't find them to be an identical match, they are cute, comfortable and great for work.  They went over well with the co-workers.

Fab Footwear Update #2:  Simply Vera Vera Wang Chaos Booties

There are only 2 sizes left...Click here.

HUGE hit!  Although I have not found a great summer outfit for these shoes, I anticipate getting a lot of wear out of these booties come late Summer and early Fall.  What was interesting about the commentary on these shoes is two things.  One, people who normally do not comment on my clothes were fascinated by these shoes; women of all ages too!  Two, people could not believe they were Kohl's and less than $30.  Again, super comfortable.

No longer available online in coral but some sizes available in Tan...

Homerun City.  My eyes have been irritating me so I didn't wear eye make-up to work one day but decided to wear these shoes with my Matthew Williamson leopard print blouse as a distraction technique.  Good call.  People were gaga for these shoes.  Again, when their humble origins were revealed, literally noone believed me.  Someone actually looked it up online because they were so impressed with what Kohl's had to offer.  I agree.  Despite being fun and fashionable, I found these platforms comfortable and was able to work a full day in them.  Now I am just trying to come up with more outfits to wear them with!

I am completely more than satisfied with all the fab footwear I have purchased this season and if you have $30 in your shoe budget for a fun and comfy update, I would recommend these three pairs. 

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