Le Target Dresses

I made a quick pop into Target and shockingly left only having paid $5. 

That is an accomplishment wouldn't you say?

Despite my frugality, I did spot some dresses I thought were cute and affordable.

Merone Women's Sleeveless Scoop Neck Dress
$20 at Target To Buy

Confirmed that I am obsessed with all things green but what also drew me to this dress is its cotton simplicity.  The lightweight fabric is perfect for a mid-summer heatwave.  The ruching along the neckline and waist give the dress a flattering silhouette and a more elevated style than a regular cotton dress.  Of course, a dress for $20 that is equally stylish with embellished flats or heels is worth the pricetag.

Merona Women's Odette Knit Dress
$34.99 at Target To Buy

Again, more green but this time a print in a color combo I adore: emerald green and navy.  The silhouette of this dress is so flattering.  The tie-waist gives a feminine waistline and the v-neck adds leanness.  The fabrication is perfect for summer days at the office but I think you could also pull this dress off at a summer wedding.  Definitely DVF-inspired at a more affordable price.

Liz Lange Maternity Sleeveless V-Neck Knit Dress
$27.99 at Target To Buy

Okay I am not pregnant but I know a couple of you ladies out there are and you want to be in on this CC action.  One of the regular mistakes I make is browsing the racks at Target only to realize I am in the maternity section and how envious I am of those empire waists and comfy fabrics.  Such was the case with this dress.  I love the print and color combo...and it is jersey!  How do we get a non-maternity version of this sent from heaven dress?

Merona Easy Care Easy Wear Beach Geo Dress
$24.99 at Target To Buy

So sometimes funny things happen in the CC world.  As I was drafting this over the course of 24 hours, a co-worker wore this dress to my place of employment.  I couldn't believe how chic, well-fitted and tasteful her dress was.  When I asked her if that was "blank designer" she said, "No.  Target.  $25 dollars.  Can you believe it?"  Honestly, no because the fit was impeccable.  Besides being fashionable, this dress can go in your washer...and dryer!  Double save!  Just as an fyi, my co-worker is more mature and always hot, and she was still loving her dress circa end of the day.

So Le Target, you may have only taken 5 of my best dollars this weekend...but based on these dresses, there is for sure an opportunity to take more.

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Nadira said...

"How do we get a non-maternity version of this sent from heaven dress?"

I'm not pregnant, but I bought that dress in two colors!

The only significant difference as a maternity dress is that the hem is a little longer in the front to accommodate the bump.

It's not that noticeable, but it's an easy fix; I just took up the extra length where the skirt meets the waistband (much easier than rehemming).

If you don't sew, it should be pretty cheap to have a tailor do it.