Nothing Says Happy Holidays Like Anti-Bacterial Soap

Another one of my very adult holiday traditions is the annual changing of the hand soaps in the house from Fall scents to more holiday-inspired fragrances.  Obviously the go-to resource for all things holiday scented is the local Bath and Body Works.  To my surprise, B&BW updated their Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap Collection this year to include new fragrances.

Right now I am loving the new Orange Spice Moisturizing Hand Soap and the Snow Mint Moisturizing Hand Soap.  For $15 you can mix and match 4 different scents or do 6 for $20.  The Vanilla Snap and Winter Cranberry are also nice further into Winter.

Besides stocking up for my own consumption (might be considered lame by some) but I also like to give these holiday scented soaps as hostess gifts.  They are festive and functional.  Every time you wash your hands it's like a little burst of holiday cheer.  Plus how many moisturizers and shower gels can one person have?  To Buy

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