I Think I Like...But I'm Not Sure: Part 1

Unfortunately one of my fashion weaknesses is my inability to resist things that I believe to ride the line between really cute or sort of ugly.  Sometimes in my head I cannot reasonably assess which of the two it is...therefore sometimes ending with a follow-up trip to the UPS Store.  Case in point:

Strapless Lace Romper $24.99 at thelimited.com To Buy

Let me say going into it I think the model is wearing a size too big for her, and if that is the case I am hoping it will be much cuter in person?  I just have a vision that I will be the envy of fashionistas everywhere when I wear it with my dark black tights, platform heels and some super cool belt.  I don't know why I always want a romper, because in all honesty, they drive me crazy, especially when you factor in tights underneath.  In my head this is an "Online Only" treasure that has not been discovered and is waiting for me to rescue it from Sale Section purgatory. 

BB Dakota by Jack Prisca Floral Skirt $25 at Amazon.com To Buy
Also available for $41 at lulus.com

I found this skirt when I was looking for pieces I could take with me on my Fall trip to Mexico and then pair with my winter wardrobe when I returned home.  I decided to pass on this skirt originally because I didn't want the hassle of returning it if it didn't work.  Since I have found it for $16 less, it is now on it's way to me.  I love the royal blue top they show it with and in another pic it is paired with a chunky, grey sweater.  So mismatched and somewhat unappealing, how could I resist?

So the skirt is on it's way but you can help save a romper! 

Vote on the Couture Cheapskate homepage your opinion of the lace romper.  The poll is in the upper right hand corner.  Help me make the decision my warped mind no longer has the ability to do on it's own. 

Save me from myself!

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