8 Stila Lip Glazes for $25

Are you looking for a gift that says fun and stylish but don't want to spend a ton of dough?  Or perhaps a little extra stuffing for a stocking? Looking for a little gem that just tells someone you think they are fab?

Stila Lip Glaze Color Set
$25 at Ulta stores and Ulta.com To Buy

Let me start out by saying Stila lip glazes are pretty great.  They are my second favorite lip gloss only to be outdone by one Miss Bobbi Brown.  But what I actually do like about the Stila lip glaze better is the tube it comes in.  For some reason it is just more user friendly.  I think it is the brush and the handy dandy twisty top?  It is fun to hear it click.  

Kitten Lip Glaze

But what this gift set has to offer is amazing.  You get 8 lip glazes for the price of what one normal lip glaze would cost ($22).  All in this is a $110 value for a quarter of the cost.  And per the Ulta website, you get 4 more glazes than last year's set.  The set is made up of 4 best sellers and 4 limited editions -- perfect gift set combo.  It also includes the color "Kitten" which is the shade Stila is famous for -- it is award winning.  There is also a sparkly red color called "Merry Merry," how festive!

If there was any doubt, this is something I am definitely gifting myself. 

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