More Than Just Make-Up

When it comes to my cosmetics there are two women in my life: Bobbi and Laura.  With an exception of a few products, almost everything I wear on a daily basis is either Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier. 

At a later date I will share with you my devotion to the Laura Mercier eye pencil, but for now I am going to focus on her Body & Bath Collection.  As famous as Laura Mercier is for her fantastic makeup, she is equally known in the Beauty world for her luxurious body and bath items.

Creme Brulee Hand Creme
$15 at department stores and lauramercier.com To Buy

There are probably more effective hand creams out there, but you will not be able to resist the scent of the Laura Mercier Body and Bath Collections.  Unfortunately most of the body souffles (divine) and bath scrubs are $40 or more, but you can get a piece of the fabulousness by investing in one of the hand cremes.  The smell is so wonderful, you will be tempted to eat it.  The creme almost feels like frosting, minus the sticky sweetness.

The Creme Brulee and Creme de Pistache are my faves and are appropriately seasonal as they are for year round use.  The Creme Brulee is inspired by the bakeries of France with hints of caramel, sugar and vanilla while the Creme de Pistache is a delicious combination of pistachio, whipped cream, praline and hazelnut.  See what I mean about wanting to eat it?  Both scents are also available in candles for $32.

My Mom loves the Almond Coconut Milk because it reminds her of the beach.

Another holiday favorite is the annual Laura Mercier holiday candle.  This year the candle is Warm Roasted Chestnuts.  A warm and comforting blend of spiced berry, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla sugar and of course chestnuts.  It makes me cozy just thinking about it.

Warm Roasted Chestnuts Candle
$32 at lauramercier.com To Buy

Like I have said before, my favorite gifts to give are special indulgences people do not normally treat themselves to.  When a $40 bath scrub doesn't feel like enough, try one of the equally divine hand cremes instead.  The scent alone is gift enough, well-moisturized hands is a bonus.


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