Shoe Stock Up At Forever 21

If there is one thing I can say about Forever 21 is they actually do a nice looking shoe at a very affordable price.  As far as cheap shoes go, I would say they do it best and can fake out even the most discerning fashionista.  My zipper cuff boots circa last year continue to be a "did you get those here?" question at the upscale workplace.

Here are three footwear options that would make great gifts...even if the gift is for you!

Sedate Chunky Heel Boot
$29.80 at forever21.com To Buy

Some people are are scared of the "shootie" because they fear it will give them cankles.  The cuff on these prevents that from happening.  You know I love a stud so of course the detail is right up my alley.  Best yet...the chunky heel and lower heel height keep this stylish shoe comfy.  A rarity in footwear.  The perfect footwear choice with all your skinny bottoms and a great way to toughen up frilly dresses.

Rhinestone Bow Flats
$22.80 at forever21.com To Buy

Switching gears to sweet and girlie, these rhinestone bows invoke Parisian chic.  This week I have already expressed my undying love for all things embellished and flat when it comes to footwear so this flat is no exception.  Again, the perfect footwear for the stylish hostess or festive party-goer.  Further into the winter, these flats, a great tweed jacket and jeans...oh la la.

Buckled Leatherette Boots
$34.80 at forever21.com  To Buy

If you are sick of me going on and on about my whiskey riding boots, then don't get me started on my love for my black biker boots.  I wear them all the time because they make me feel cool and tough (neither of which I actually am).  These boots would are so stylish with black leggings and a black chunky cardigan.  Or jeans and a plaid button down.  So simple but worth every penny.  You will wear them with everything in your closet, if not on a daily basis this winter.

Although you may not be getting leather or a label, you are getting 3 pairs of versatile shoes for around $150 -- arguably the cost of 1 pair of boots at your local department store.  Trust me, no one besides you will know the difference and you won't care when you have extra dough to spend somewhere else.

CC Tip:  When buying shoes at Forever 21, order online.  There is not a lot of selection in stores and you may have trouble finding your size.  Not to mention, the stores run way behind in their delivery compared to online.  Size up, their shoes run small.

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