I Think I Like...But I'm Not Sure: Part 1 Follow-Up

If you recall I shared with you all my desire to own things that ride the line between ugly and cute in I Think I Like...But I'm Not Sure: Part 1.  Needless to say, my first venture did not go so well as I went 0 for 2.

For starters, this lace romper from The Limited did not bode well for my reputation as a fashionista with an eye for cutting edge style, you all voted and said and I quote, "Ewww, gross.  Get it together."  Therefore, I passed to salvage my image with you all.

Unfortunately, I was also unlucky with my floral skirt.  I knew I was taking a risk going into it size-wise and naturally, I was not pleasantly surprised to realize I had not magically dropped 10 pounds despite a weekend of Italian beef and cupcakes.  Bottom line, it didn't fit so now I am either heading to the UPS store for a return, or giving it to one of the skinny minis in my life.

0 for 2 doesn't feel good but there is always next time.  Thank you for your honesty and keeping me on the path of good style.

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