Elegant And Affordable Clutch

Does CC do Black Friday?  Not really...because I am usually working.  I also know after years in the biz, Black Friday isn't all it cracked up to be because prices usually go even lower 2 weeks before Christmas.  That being said, you can pick up some good deals for your home (vacuum last year) or yourself (2 sale skirts).  For me, time is money and waiting in line 2 hours to save $10 just isn't worth it.

However, I did find myself taking a quick trip through Macy's to see if there were any deals I couldn't resist.
Style&co. Sequined Convertible Clutch
$42.00   On Sale Now for $24.99
At Macy's Stores and macys.com To Buy

The convertible clutch is a handbag staple because you get 2 bags for the price of 1.  You get a clutch if you keep it folded over, or you can unfold and carry the bag by it's handles.  For $24.99, the quality of this bag is very respectable.  It does not look cheap and the sequin detailing is actually very luxurious.  I love the combo of gold and black sequins because you do not see them together all that often.  Check out the images in the link to get a better view of it's loveliness.

Keep in mind, I have this super fun (and super inexpensive) gold party dress to which this convertible clutch will be the perfect handbag.  One party dress and 2 purses for just round $50, amazing.

I also love giving fun bags like this for gifts.  Most times if a woman is going to buy a bag, she is going to put her hard-earned money towards an everyday basic.  Or she buys something either cheap or boring because she feels guilty buying a frivolous bag for one outfit.  Like me, she may have nowhere to wear it right away, but half the fun is dreaming all the places you could go because now you have the perfect evening bag.

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