Blue Floral Print Skirt & Cardigan

Guess where I found myself wandering around again?

Did you guess the library or an art museum?  A place where I can better myself?

The answer is Target.  I'm sure that was obvious.

I have been seeing this blue-printed skirt all over the internets and was intrigued.  So naturally I decided to try it on when I had some time to kill while my husband browsed the workout gear. Well let me tell you I am glad I gave it a try because this skirt is darling.  The fit was unbelievable and the fabric felt scrumptious.  I also found the way the print was placed on the skirt to be quite flattering; an illusion if you will.

Target Blue Print Skirt
Because of my position as a professional lady, I would typically wear this skirt to the office.  So you know what that means???? A black blazer!  In my head this skirt looks awesome with silver-mirrored heels (for the record Target has a $35 pair that look cheap).  I am loving this pair with the cap toe.  Two trends for the price of one!  You have seen this white bag before and I still love it.  The featured necklace incorporates two major accessory trends: chain link and lucite.  I love this necklace and must make it mine.

Side note...I also tried on the t-shirt in the above outfit and it too is awesome.  If I didn't already own one so similar, I would have been tempted to buy it for $13.  It's a more dressed-up tee that hides a muffin top because of the layered fabrics.  I used the white for the outfit above but showed the black here so you could see the tiers better.  This is a fabulous top at a fabulous price.

If you don't love skirts but love this print, have no fear...there is a cardigan!

Target Blue Print Cardigan

For a more casual look, obviously work this cardigan back to jeans with a simple white tank underneath.  I am curious to know what Target jeans are like and think this pair looks really cute.  These shoes are new to my wish list radar.  The detail on the back is reminiscent of Mui Mui circa last Spring and their feminine mystique is so sweet.  Of course I can never resist a statement necklace and think this affordable option in navy is unique.  Because I am doing a statement necklace, the earrings are simple studs...but with some sparkle.  Let's be real.  The last addition is beauty based.  I love this L'Oreal eyeliner.  I didn't know they sold it in navy which would be perfection with either outfit.

I feel like this print is Southern Belle.  I can't wait to break the skirt out for Spring and feel like a feminine lass.  I would also like to confess there were a few other pieces at Target that caught my eye including one adorable lace top that I bought but can't find online.  Bummer.

Have a great weekend!

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