Super Savings: d'Orsay Flat

These Jenni Kayne d'Orsay flats were officially on my dislike list.

But like most things celebrity-related, if given enough time, I will eventually come around.

But what I would like to share with you is these upon first impression humble flats are in fact $500.

As we know in fashion, once things get popular, the knock-offs come out to play.  Lucky for us, we can find a version of this shoe for significantly less, approximately $475 less.  That is something I can get on board with for sure.

I am sure there is a significant difference in quality but for a shoe I was on the fence with anyway, I can handle the difference.  After seeing the Jenni Kayne shoe being worn by more and more celebrities, I started to like how they made casual outfits seem dressier and more polished.  And let's be real, a polished flat is way more ideal than a pointy toe pump when it comes to comfort.

Here are the other options GoJane has to offer:

Pointy Toe d'Orsay Flats Savings
I am not sure which pair speaks to me the most but I am definitely feeling the stripes and the animal print pair would be fabulous for Fall.

Go Super Savings!!!

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