Couture vs. Cheapskate: Floral Denim

Couture vs. Cheapskate: Floral Denim

I realize I can't stop talking about transition pieces but a critical piece of transitioning one's wardrobe from winter to spring is printed denim.  The good news is printed denim is everywhere!!!  And available at so many different price points.

With that being said...which pair of floral denim is the cheapskate version and only $25?

Maybe it's from staring at this for so long but I can't honestly find any detail that gives it away. I guess that's good news for us CCs looking to save a few bones.  If I had to get really petty (which I will), I would say Pair B has more polished styling and fancier shoes which sometimes equals more $$$.

Therefore, Pair A is the cheapskate $25 version of the Tory Burch $195 pair (Pair B).

The Forever21 pair has a bit of an ombre effect which I really enjoy.  Some people may prefer the more classic look of the Tory Burch pair and I am sure the tailoring is more precise but for a $150+ savings...I don't really care.  These jeans are super comfortable and look cute with t-shirts and flats and with a blouse and blazer.  Perfect for dressing up and down.  I also love the look below.

I can personally attest to enjoying these floral jeans as I am a proud owner.  I bought them at Forever21 recently and have found many ways to wear them in a short amount of time.  My #1 point to my positive review is that they are super comfortable besides being adorable.

CCTip:  Word of caution, the Forever21 pair runs skinny but the denim stretches.

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