April brings many things...showers, May flowers and in CC's case, a new contributor.

Three years ago when this fashion force started, many of the people I knew (and therefore felt obligated to read Couture Cheapskate) were not parents.

Well a lot can change in three years and while I am not a parent, I know many readers now have kids, so therefore CC would like to introduce:

This feature will be written by my dear sister-in-law who is currently mother to the light of my life, my little niece.  She and I actually have a lot in common being we both have worked in luxury retail and affordable fashion but most important, we love high-fashion at a good price. CCM is a great shopper and has an eagle eye for spotting designer-inspired pieces at affordable prices.  I am sure her abilities will bring something new and useful to mothers and non-mothers alike.

Here is a little more about the two Couture Cheapskate ladies...

CC Mommy

Original CC

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