CC Mommy Presents The Diaper Purse

For CC Mommy's first post, we picked a topic that is near and dear to my heart, the handbag...aka the Diaper Purse.

diaper purse

I'm not quite sure how or when it happened but sometime after becoming a mom, I stopped wearing a purse and carrying a diaper bag.  Now I have to admit I had a pretty awesome diaper bag...think black, quilted and Marc Jacobs (OG CC says yum)...and up until recently I sort of accepted the fact that all of the cute bowlers and hobos I was seeing just weren't for me.  Unless I wanted to carry two bags around and a baby but who wants to do that?

Then I had a revelation.  Isn't a diaper bag in fact a very large purse with diapers and other baby essentials inside?  Is there a law against putting diapers inside a purse?  I think not and therefore am on the hunt for the perfect spring/summer "diaper purse."  So far this bag from Francesca's is my favorite.  I love black and white and you could literally wear this bag with everything.  Please see below for proof.

diaper purse styled

A couple cosmetic pouches for diapers and baby accessories quickly turn this purse into the perfect diaper bag.  The best of both worlds and for only $55 you won't feel guilty cheating on your old diaper bag.

CC Not The Mama says:  Do I need a diaper purse?  I am digging those cosmetic cases.

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