A + O Inspired Yellow Sequins

Today I feel like something bright and happy and two things that are always bright and happy are the color yellow and sequins.

Can you really think of anything more cheerful than a yellow sequined garment?

So when I saw this dress on Vanessa Hudgens, I couldn't help but think of a tank I had been eyeing at J.Crew Factory.

Her dress is Alice + Olivia and also $495.  Besides being outside my price range, let's be real about who this dress looks good on...someone who stars in a movie with the words 'high school' in the title i.e. not me.

So back to the J.Crew Factory top...yellow, sequins and under $50.  Check.

A&O Inspired: Yellow Sequins

Head-to-toe yellow sequins is a tough look to pull off so that is why I took this top back to the always flattering black full skirt.  The full skirt adds balance to the fitted top and creates a defined waistline which is figure flattering.  I can't stop with these F21 gold-plated sandals -- they just seem like the perfect footwear to any outfit these days.  But sticking with a more Vanessa-inspired look, a pair of shiny gold heels are also an excellent on-trend choice.  I have been loving these white enamel earrings for $6 as white, gold and yellow are always three amigos.  Another must-have accessory for Spring is the gold cuff.  Some people are doing one on each wrist but I think I would just do one in total.  

As much as I love the color yellow and sequins, this A + O dress is completely out of my budget and body type.  The dress inspires me to add this J.Crew Factory tank to my wish list because it's so fun and happy.  I also love how it pairs with black, gold and white; three things I have a lot of in my wardrobe.

Have a bright and cheerful Monday!

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