Navy Lace Top / Infinite Outfits

My favorite navy lace top is finally available online at Target:

In short, this top is a winner.  I can imagine very little that this top will not coordinate with in my wardrobe.  Jeans, dress pants, skirts...you name it, this top goes with everything.  I have already worn it once with my black Target pants, a black blazer, pumps and my favorite yellow bubble bib.  Homerun city.  I only wish I had somewhere to go after work so I could do a quick changeroo and break it out with jeans.  I am considering adding the white because I love this top so much.  That little poof sleeve is just too cute.  It is such a good value and the price is insane.

I would also like to share my number one pet peeve is cheap fabric that wrinkles easily.  It goes without saying this wonder stayed neatly pressed all day long.  Duh.

Merona Lace Top / 2-Ways

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