Year of the Beyonce

So obviously 2013 is going to be the year of the Beyonce.

We all know I am a #1 Beyonce lover but I will share I was not blown away by her Super Bowl performance.  I wanted more singing and less dancing.  Prove those critics wrong B!  I am also over Halo.

Please don't kick me out of the fan club.

I was, however, completely captivated by two things: her ability to mix leather and lace and stunning make-up.  Her hair was pretty fabulous too.  Where can I get an at-home wind machine?

Beyonce's Super Bowl look reminded me of two pieces I am currently online-loving:

So in that spirit, I thought we should create a look inspired by Beyonce's mixing of leather and lace perhaps more suitable for my less glamorous lifestyle.

Year of the Beyonce

  1. [H&M Lace V-neck Top $13] A sexy basic.
  2. [Dorothy Perkins Black Leather Peplum Skirt $59] Love the perforated detail on the peplum.
  3. [Tom Ford Lip Color in Blush Nude $48 / CHANEL Peridot Le Vernis Nail Color $27] Splurge items but worth it.  Tom Ford lipstick is the best.  One of Chanel's iconic colors. 
  4. [H&M Leather Jacket $49.95]  Performance note: perfect price point for throwing into the crowd circa Crazy in Love.
  5. [Black Leather Fingerless Gloves $10] How cute is the heart cutout?
  6. [Berkshire Queen Fishnet Tights $10 / Target Xhilaration Junior Knee-High socks $2.50]  Nude fishnet tights are my jam...I am intrigued by layering them with black knee-highs.
  7. [Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Velvet Plum $24 / Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Sparkle Eye Shadow in Gold Star $28] My two favorite shadows that layer beautifully.
  8. [Michael Antonio Marina Bootie $60]  Can I dance 20 minutes straight in these booties?  No.
  9. [ALDO Forstner Handbag $60] Love this collection and this other [color option].

It seems to be in my cards that I will never have a Super Bowl halftime moment, but I can embrace my inner Beyonce and rock some leather and lace on a sidewalk near me.  That being said...

Does anyone want to be the Kelly to my Beyonce?  They are obviously performance soulmates. Independent Women was my highlight....where was Survivor?  An obvious Super Bowl choice.

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