Faux Leather Loving

I have a problem with faux leather.  I can't stop.  Here are my two most recent additions:

Two things I swore I was done buying both make an appearance in this top: faux leather and peplums. There are many versions of the leather peplum top out there but few offer short sleeves.  The short sleeve is the detail I love the most because it lends itself well to one of Spring's top trends: warm weather leather.  I won't need a jacket at the office allowing the top to stand alone.  This top is the perfect partner to boyfriend jeans and my other bad habit, the printed skinny pant.  I will say it again, F21 does a nice faux leather for the exceptional price.

Lately it seems I can't quit H&M.  These leggings link to the UK site but I know they exist in-store for $34.95.  What I appreciate about these leggings is they feel more like a pant and have more structure to them than other faux/vegan options that resemble garbage bags.  They do run small and feel awkward to get on the first time but they look great.  My only concern is that I will be Ross from Friends when he tried to wear leather pants and had a debacle from overheating.  For transition weather, I would pair these leggings with a floral blouse and booties.

By adding these two items, I think I have officially run out of faux leather options to add to my collection.  Let's be honest.  This is probably not true.

I will keep you posted on the overheating situation.

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