Super Sale Pieces at The Limited

Recently I had the pleasure of scooping up two super sale pieces at The Limited.

A lot of designers are doing these mixed-material jackets right now.  I think this style is appealing for its versatility and ability to be dressed up or down depending on the event.  I also love the black/white/silver sequin combo because it allows for year-round wear.  I will for sure be copying the above look using my red pants from Express.

I have a lot of faux leather in my wardrobe and therefore I consider myself an expert.  In my opinion, this faux leather is a quality imitation.  I wore this skirt with a pajama style blouse and black tights for the first time last week.  I could not get over the number of people who asked me if my skirt was real leather and where did I get it?  Needless to say I was thrilled with my skirt purchase for less than $20. Leather will continue to be a major trend for Spring and I feel like this piece will transition well. 

It looks like they also just marked-down my favorite earrings so I will have to check those out too.

CC Tip:  I have seen the jacket and earrings recently in stores but not the skirt.  I think with the skirt it is worth paying the shipping since it is such a low starting price.  My only word of caution is the skirt is on the shorter side, hence the "mini" title.

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