Celebrity Inspiration: Jules Cobb

Who is Jules Cobb, you ask?


Only one of Florida's most famous realtors...in Cougar Town.

If you are not watching this show, you should be.  It is actually very funny.  And once you get past the title that offends some, you will see a smart, relatable comedy that has great taste in wardrobe.  (Bonus, the decor in Jules' home is eclectic, funky and almost a scene-stealer.)

Often times I find Jules' outfit cute and easy to imitate.  Such is the case from last week's episode when Jules broke out her nautical stripes and jeans.

Granted there is nothing stylishly earth-shattering about this outfit but the point is to work with what you have or make a minimum investment for a cute, fresh look.  Which let's face it, we could all use a little fresh right now.

I started with this henley from Old Navy because it is only $9.50!  I know it is not an identical match to Jules' but it is less than $10 and I like the button-detail.  It feels a little more stylish than a basic tee.  Add your favorite denim bottom and a great gold necklace. 

Women's Slub-Knit Henley
$9.50 at Old Navy and oldnavy.com To Buy

One gold chain I have been eyeing for some time is the 100 Good Wishes Gold Dipped Beaded Necklace.  The concept is simple.  One hundred beads on a gold chain and one wish for each bead.  Like any CC piece, we want multiple options so you can wear it single or double layer.

Search online for multiple price options from $70-$100

And as far as footwear and the rest of your jewelry?  Creative freedom.  Jules likes to wear really hot platform heels but I don't think that will work for most the ladies reading this, so I featured some gold flats.  Of course, brown boots would work too.

Side note:  One of my favorite Jules Cobb outfits of all time included this shirt and cobalt blue pumps.

Celebrity Inspiration: Jules Cobb

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