Celebrity Inspiration: Orange and Turquoise Jewelry

Last month I shared how combining bright tops and jewelry in creative color combinations can give your wardrobe a fresh feel but still be weather appropriate.

One of my favorite red carpet ladies is Kyra Sedgwick. Her looks are always glamorous but true to her Boho style. She generally starts with a simply elegant gown and layers in eclectic and colorful jewelry.  Her look always projects effortless style that is both simple and interesting.

Such was the case at this year’s Golden Globes when she paired a beautiful orange gown with gold and turquoise jewels.

Photo of Kyra Sedgwick by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

I am going out on a limb here and assuming most of us are not walking the red carpet in the near future. So how do we achieve Kyra’s simple elegance in our everyday life?

Start with any orange top whether it be a cashmere sweater or basic tee:

Ballet neck sweater
$59.50 at bananarepublic.com To Buy

I love this sweater for two reasons.  First, the color is Caribbean coral.  How amazing does that sound?  Second, it is ballet inspired which is the newest trend sweeping through fashion.  I also love this sweater from Loft because of the flattering ribbed detail and zipper back.

Now just add in turquoise earrings and a wrist of coordinated gold and turquoise bangles:

Golden Simulated Circle Drop Earrings
$10.99 at Amazon.com To Buy

Textured Bangle Set
$5.80 at forever21.com To Buy

Synthetic Turquoise Stone Metal Bangle Bracelet
$21.99 at Amazon.com To Buy

I love a wrist of mismatched bangles but personally, bracelets drive me nuts when I am at work because they clank against my desk when I type.  So if I was using this combo as an inspiration for a work outfit, I may stick to an elastic bracelet that will cling to my wrist.  Or I could just do earrings and a ring.

Fashion rocket science?  Not really.  But just a little inspiration for when we feel like spring but the weather says otherwise.

Celebrity Inspiration: Orange and Turquoise Jewelry

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