Spring '11 Trends: Wooden Jewelry

I am not going to sit here and tell you Wooden Jewelry has ever been something that I coveted or obsessed over.  However, now that I have done some research, I kind of like it.  Wood is more fashionable than I ever gave it credit for.  Who knew?

And best of all, it is relatively inexpensive and surprisingly can be found at quite a few retailers.

Some of my favorite pieces include:

Wood Bead Bracelet with Rhinestone Sphere
$16 at lorisshoes.com To Buy

I am sure you are probably thinking I just like this bracelet because there is a rhinestone involved.  And to that I would tip my hat and say, "you are correct."  But what I would also tell you I like about this bracelet is that it is quite simply a good basic.  It can be worn alone or mixed in with the other bangles already in your collection.  It adds a touch of glam to an otherwise natural combo.  An easy piece that adds a refined and natural polish.

Boho Glam Chandelier Earrings
$5.80 at forever21.com To Buy

Basically ditto everything above but if you have been reallllly studying the fashion sets at the end of each entry for the last month, you know I have been loving these earrings but in the red version.  But what I figure is for $12 total, why not buy both colors and have 2 pairs of earrings that are going to work beautifully with all the items in your Spring wardrobe?  I love the contrast between the feminine rhinestone encrusted chandeliers and the earthy brown stones.

Wood You Be Mine Necklace
$14.99 at modcloth.com To Buy

Where do I begin?  Is it the seasonally appropriate hearts? Oh come on...we all know it is the clever word play in the title of the necklace.  Besides all the usual suspects, what I also like about this necklace is that it is a basic that incorporates a trend but is not overkill.  So easy to throw on with a coral sundress or floral tunic.  So yes wooden necklace, I would be yours.

If none of these options here or below are up your alley, Coldwater Creek and Target have quite a few affordable wooden options.  Perhaps some of my favorite are from Kenneth Jay Lane  at Overstock.com including this bangle and this necklace; so bold yet so versatile.

Despite being a skeptic at first, I guess this is the beauty of wooden jewelry: it is surprisingly versatile and fashionable despite its humble beginnings.

Click on links for jewelry in this set...all under $30: K. Amato Golden Leaf Ring - Max and Chloe, $30, Hive & Honey Wood Curved Bangle Bracelet, $26, Wood Bead Bracelet with Rhinestone Sphere, $16, Wood You Be Mine Necklace, $15, Olive N Figs Sterling Silver Abstract Daisy Wood Dangle Earrings -..., $9.99, Forever21.com - Accessories - Jewelry, $5.80, Vibrant Tribal Bracelet, $4.80, Forever21.com - Accessories - Jewelry, $4.80, Wood and stone necklace | Coldwater Creek, $9.99, Amazon.com: Genuine Organic Maple Wood Leaf Dangle Earrings: Jewelry, $16, Amazon.com: Genuine Organic Cherry Wood Circular Dangle Earrings with..., $16, Amazon.com: Genuine Organic Maple Wood Wings Dangle Earrings: Jewelry, $16, Wood Bead Necklace - Jewelry - French Connection Usa, $12, Wood bead torsade necklace | Coldwater Creek, $9.99, Wood bead cluster bracelet | Coldwater Creek, $9.99, Forever21.com - New Arrivals - Accessories, $6.80, Tribal Inspiration Necklace | Forever 21, $6.80, Amazon.com: Wood Earrings on silver 925: Jewelry, $4.90

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