I am firm believer that you have treat yourself every now and then, so what better day than Valentine's Day to show yourself you really care.

So here are some Bring Your Own Valentine's Day Present ideas or as I like to say for short, BYOVDP.

Stila Make Me Blush Set
$20 at sephora.com To Buy

A Stila blush and 2 lip glosses for $20 is quite the deal.  The names of the lip glosses are Hugs and Kisses and the blush features a heart design.  I am a softie for anything cute and affordable, what can I say?  The perfect colors to achieve that "I am so in love" glow on Valentine's Day or any other day of the year.

philosophy Sweet On You Set
$24 at Sephora and sephora.com To Buy

What would a holiday be without an appropriately selected philosophy scent?  The Sweet On You scent is reminiscent of heart-shaped conversation candy...sweet, sugary and delicious.  It is literally sweet on you...get it?

Lindt Dark Chocolate with A Touch of Sea Salt
$3 at Walgreens

So my husband originally bought this for me as a birthday gift from Walgreens, and honestly, I kind of held it against him...until I tasted it!  I have had the $10+ versions of this combination and this $3 bar really measures up.  It is delicious.  The perfect couple:  salty and sweet.  Hits both cravings at once and the dark chocolate makes the flavor even more rich.

Jean-Michel Cazabat Murita Ballet Flat
$240 at endless.com To Buy

Okay, so these flats are $240 so not quite CC but super cute nonetheless.  And what better way to express your sentiments to the world than through footwear?  If you only wear them one day a year, they will last forever so you will really get your money's worth.  So they are sort of CC?

If you prefer to go the more standard jewels or clothes route, check out this Valentine's Day assortment from Piperlime.  It will make your heart go aflutter.

So go ahead and shower those you love with gifts galore but don't forget to BYOVDP too.

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