Two Major Launches: MAC and DVF

Thursday, February 2011 was an important date for me.

No.  It is not my birthday or anniversary but the day Wonder Woman and DVF launched new lines!

M.A.C. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Lipstick in Russian Red To Buy
Wonder Woman Bulletproof Makeup Bag $30 To Buy

I don't remember a whole lot about Wonder Woman except that I had a costume.  I am sure I was drawn to the metallics and studded bracelets.  Anywho, flash forward a few years and I can break-out my Wonder Woman inspired cosmetics to bring out my inner save-the-world ferocity.  Russian Red (shown above) is the go-to red lipstick for every celebrity and make-up artist on the planet.  I also think the Valiant Eye Shadow Quad is fierce and filled with basic neutrals for those more subdued super heroes.  Not sure how to use the make-up colors?  Then keep all your cosmetics safe in the blue metallic bulletproof make-up bag.

Diane von Furstenberg Home

DVF "Animal Garden" Bedding
$105 to $345 for Bedding

By now it has been fairly well documented in Couture Cheapskate my love for Diane von Furstenberg.  Now instead of just wearing her print, I can decorate my home in her signature vibrant colors and graphic print.  It is very modern and very bright...perfect for those dull rooms that could use a little style.  While I am not personally sure how to work any of these items into my home...yet...my personal fave is the "Urban Jungle" bedding and the "Sandstone" double old fashioned glasses. 

So February 10th is all things 3-lettered abbreviations.  I have one for these 2 collections: FAB.

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