Birthday Goodies

Two treats arrived in my inbox for my birthday.  Naturally just to be polite, I had to take them up on their offer.

Treat #1:  Free 3-in-1 philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel with any purchase

Here is what I bought (as I already discussed here).  I have to say it makes for a nice look when paired with Stila Kitten eye shadow and my new favorite eye pencil.  The red lip gloss is pretty and sheer.

Stila Make Me Blush Set
$20 at sephora.com To Buy

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Treat #2:  Receive $15 off a $60 purchase at Piperlime and free shipping.

For around $50 I bought two pieces of jewelry that I am certain I will wear frequently.

Hive & Honey Octagon Link Necklace
$19.97 at piperlime.com To Buy

I like this necklace because it is the best of both worlds: part statement necklace, part long chain.  I love smokey stones because they work with black and brown.  This necklace is funky but classic enough to work with the more refined pieces in your wardrobe.

Pave Pyramid Stud Earring by Juicy Couture
$48 at piperlime.com

I have been coveting these earrings since Christmas and finally decided to pull the trigger as a treat for my birthday.  The jewelry I wear most often is usually a combo of gold metal and clear rhinestones.  This combo just works with so many outfits and the sparkle is just the touch of polish any outfit needs.  For pyramid studs, these are ladylike and dainty...with an edge.

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