Awesome Watch Bracelet Thingy

Every now and again, I will purchase something and know that I nailed it.

Such is the case with this purchase. 

I am just not sure how to describe it. 

Is it a watch?  Is it a bracelet? 

I don't know which it is but I know it is awesome.

Square Case Rhinestone Wrap Watch
$24.99 at urbanoutfitters.com To Buy

Okay.  By title I realize the intention of this piece is a watch but in-person it is so much more.  The metal chain wraps twice around your wrist making it look part bracelet and part watch.  The face has a pave detail and the side of the watch is wrapped in rhinestones, creating an elegant and original wrist concoction.  Perfect for evening attire or during the day when you want to add an element of glamour to an otherwise casual look.

I also love how it slides up and down my wrist and looks so cool and interesting.  So unique.

Looking for something more casual?  Try these basic wrap watches.

Double Wrap Rectangle Watch $14.99 To Buy
Basic Wrap Watch $34 To Buy
Both available at urbanoutfitters.com only

Whatever this thingy is, it is a piece that is sure to garner many compliments and inquires on its awesomeness.

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