March Maddness

Typically during the month of March, I pull back on my shopping and use the 31 days as an opportunity to investigate what's out there and plan my Spring wish list accordingly.

Turquoise and green is one of my favorite color combos and think they look amazing together in this necklace.  Not only does this necklace resemble a $150 J.Crew necklace, it's incredibly versatile.  This statement necklace will dress-up my basics including white tees and black knit dresses.

For various reasons I have yet to wear my faux leather leggings.  I think I have worked myself up regarding the overheating issue.  The other reason is I am looking for an edgier, longer top to pair them with.  Scarf print items continue to be a strong fashion trend and I love the neutral colors of this top.  The price tag is awesome and this is definitely a top that would get lots of mileage in my Spring wardrobe.

I must confess I have yet to see these shoes in-person and I definitely recognize the opportunity for them to be a miss, but I am dying over white pointed-toe pumps for Spring. Break out the self-tanner because these pumps will match my skin perfectly right now!  White pumps are the #1 seed on my current shoe wish list.  I particularly like this pair because of the lucite heel.  Lucite has sort of been hanging in the fringe waiting for its moment...well it's here.

I have been on the hunt for a floral blazer for at least six months now.  (My life has serious meaning.)  I don't want to spend a fortune on this trend because it may be out the door.  That being said, this blazer has caught my eye and the price tag is decent.  Of course, I did not follow my own Forever21 rule and didn't try it on when I saw it and now I cannot find it in-store anymore.  The decision I am trying to make at this point is whether I order this blazer online and if so, do I order two sizes and return the one that doesn't fit?  The madness!

I sort of like taking this time in March because it allows me to determine two things: do I really like it and does it fill a hole in my wardrobe?  The third thing I consider is will I wear it now?  If the answer is yes and the price is good, then those are the items at the top of my list come April.

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