Workweek Chic On A Budget

As I have said in the past, out of the many email ads I receive daily, the one I am most likely to open are those from Piperlime.  Although Piperlime has many affordable options, sometimes their features can run more expensive and therefore serve only as inspiration.  Such was the case when I received this email for "Workweek Chic" outfits.

I am drawn to both looks because I already own many of the components of each outfit.  However, it is the look on the left I find most inspiring because I currently own a yellow skirt and it seems I only wear it with a black sweater or white blouse.

I know a few of you out there own the Zara Jersey Blazer, and if I did, I would be on the hunt for an animal print underpinning to go underneath it...so versatile.  I also think a yellow skirt would be a fun yet neutral update if you are looking for something besides a black or grey skirt.  Last, a nature-inspired statement necklace adds a bold but simple touch for pulled-together polish.

There is only one problem with this Piperlime outfit....967 to be exact.  The cost of the outfit above comes in just under $1000.  Not realistic.  So I did some investigating to find pieces to make a similar outfit at a much lower cost.

Workweek Chic Outfit #1

The total for my outfit is $238.  That being said, most of us already own a black blazer so we can make do with what we already own.  And the most expensive piece of the outfit is the shoes which I am sure we can find a suitable option already in our closet.  The key investment pieces are the animal print underpinning and yellow skirt.  I have heard great things about this skirt from Loft and Forever21 has many affordable options when it comes to the animal print tank.  Last, the $16 necklace has been on my radar for months and it seems this outfit is the perfect excuse reason to make the investment.

If you do not subscribe to Piperlime, I recommend you sign-up.  Not just because it's a smart shopping destination but because the looks and items they feature are stylish and easily interpreted in a more affordable way.

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