Master of (Spring) Fashion

I realize it's Thursday and therefore this may not be considered a current or relevant event, but last weekend watching the Masters got me thinking about green jackets and Spring trends.

A green jacket is the perfect neutral canvas to highlight some of Spring's most poppin' pieces.

Spring Weekend Style

  1. A trench coat is a staple on any Spring must-have list...so much so it is sold out online.   The green is a modern update on the classic camel.
  2. Green and polka dots go together like peas and carrots.  A polka dot tee is on the top of my personal wish list.  Polka dots add a touch whimsy and youth to any outfit.  Best of all, there are many affordable options available for an easy fashion update.
  3. Dramatic cat eye sunglasses are the "it" eyewear...this pair is only $12!
  4. Resin chain link necklaces are all the rage.  Here is a more affordable option than the J.Crew original.  Plus the hot pink pop adds another interesting detail to this otherwise simple look.  The chain (although sweet in pink) keeps the outfit from going too cutesy.
  5. I love this polka dot bangle.  For an even more affordable option, check out this one for $4.
  6. Woven bags always make a big impact in the Spring...probably because they resemble a flower basket.  This bag is called the "Weave It To Me."  A bag based in word play is always a winner in my book!
  7. These floral flats have been on my wish list for some time.  Floral accents are surprisingly neutral and work with many trends such as pattern mixing seen above.  Mixing floral and polka dots is an easy way to try this trend.*   Also, I like how the pink in the shoes works back to the pink necklace.
  8. Last some classic accessories to add polish and finish off the look including my favorite new nail polish, Revlon "Minted."  Ring here and earrings here.
*CC Tip:  If pattern mixing intimidates you, pair patterned footwear with a patterned top and basic bottom for a less extreme combination.  The distance between the two prints is less intense and easier to pull off.

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