J.Crew-Inspired Stripes and Lace

I have not been doing much shopping lately as I am trying to assess what my wardrobe "needs" are for Spring.

One thing I "need" is a blue and white striped blouse.

image via J.Crew catalog

True, this blouse from J.Crew is a worthwhile investment but I can't justify one blouse for $100+.  So, of course, the search is on for a less expensive alternative. At this point, the front-running blouse is this more relaxed version from you guessed it, Forever21.

Striped Woven Button Up
$13.80 at Forever21  To Buy

I realize this blouse is not as structured as the J.Crew version, however, that is why I prefer the Forever21 blouse.  I like the pintuck detail, 3/4 sleeve and adjustable tie-back.  I have a similar version of this blouse in white which I have worn a ton because I can dress it up or down...even use as a swimsuit cover-up.  

In general, I have always had good luck with my Forever21 blouses even with their extremely low cost.  There seems to be no major sacrifice in quality despite their more sheer fabrics.  Wear a cami.  Who cares for $14?

Plus, it looks awesome with colored jeans and sandals.

I have been holding onto this J.Crew image not only because I am wish-listing the blouse but also because I love the outfit as a whole.  The lace skirt is becoming somewhat of a wardrobe staple particularly around Spring when it gets updated in fun colors.  I already own a red pencil skirt so I do not feel compelled to buy a second in lace.  (For those of you looking, try this one or this one.)  But in true CC fashion, I have identified a lace skirt in hot pink that also feels like a  "need" in my Spring wardrobe.

Eyelet Mini Skirt
$59.50 at Loft Stores Only

Besides just thinking this is a cute and versatile skirt, it also reminds me of this pink eyelet J.Crew has been doing so much of this Spring.  My only concern with this skirt is that I don't think it will go with the blue and white striped blouse I like from Forever21.  So essentially I would be buying the J.Crew-inspired pieces but not be able to wear them together as pictured above.

I could be wrong and will give them a try together, but I may have to go to Plan B with the blouse despite the awesome price tag.

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