Ode To Whiskey Boots

Whew.  I am back.  I bet you all have been wondering what has had me so distracted that I could not share my insightful fashion musings to the people who feel obligated to read this because they are my friends and/or family.

In all honesty, I have been mourning the loss of my whiskey boots who sadly have gone off to greener pastures.  The shoe closet in the sky if you will.

Hidden Wedge Boot
$31.30 at GoJane.com  

I am embarrassed to say I wore these almost everyday until last week when I took a little tumble and realized something was not right.  The heel had finally fallen off which led to a closer inspection of said boot making me realize these bad boys had seen better days.  Besides a broken heel, there were tears in the pleather and possible staining.  After work, my whiskey boots went into the garbage.

I now have a void in my boot repertoire that thankfully is aligned with the seasons, meaning boots are less a part of my everyday wardrobe and no longer a necessity.  Through this experience I learned this style boot is one that works for me and one I should look to replace before next Fall.

R.I.P. $30 whiskey boots...you were a good boot and one that will be missed.

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