Tan + Orange: That's A Whopper

Besides a passion for clothes, accessories, shoes...etc., I also have an undying love for all things food-related.

Welcome to my newest obsession, Reese's Peanut Butter Whoppers.

I can only find these at Walgreen's.

Don't ask me to put into words why they are so amazing, they just are.  But if I had to, I would say they combine everything that is good about about a malt ball with peanut butter.  And I think we can agree that when you add peanut butter to anything, it is usually awesome.

Literally, you will not be able to stop eating them.  

As I chow down, I can't help but ponder how well the colors tan and orange work together.  If dressing like your favorite candy is your thing, then I would recommend heading to Gap because they are stocked with merchandise in various shades of orange and tan this Spring.

Of course I couldn't help adding my favorite sailboat top which is technically Old Navy but still part of the Gap family.

Peanut Butter Whoppers


Small Town Gal said...

I love love love whoppers and now they have it Reese's? Oh my my. I'm in Canada so we don't have this yet, hopefully soon!

New follower of you, awesome blog you have here. Please visit my blog when you have a chance:


Julie said...

I love orange, especially with tan or army green khaki. I picked up some Calvin Klein stretch chinos almost exactly like those pictured (bottom center) - in that color - for $19.99 just a few days ago. Went back and got tan, too.

Hit Old Navy to check out those shirts from your last post, but liked the split neck gauze shirts better - super comfy and will be nice in the heat when I want to be covered up a bit more. Flattering fit and I'm busty, so it's not always easy to not look pregnant in tunics. http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=72302&vid=1&pid=114448&scid=114448052

Thanks for your blog - I love it!