Floral Maxi / 3 Ways

H&M debuted their Conscious Collection this week full of green hues and tropical prints.

There were some pieces that I liked and others that I found a little expensive.

At the end of the day, this was the piece that spoke to me most:

I have this romantic notion with maxi dresses that they will instantly transform me into this glamorous, boho chic lady.  I think this tropical-inspired maxi dress can help get me to this vision.  The price is fabulous at $19.95 and is a lot of look for the reasonable price.  Best of all the dress has a nice fit compared to other inexpensive maxi dresses that tend to resemble parachutes with little to no shape.  Overall, I was more than pleased with the maxi's value.

And if you look closely the print features toucans.

After trying this dress on, I became caught up in all the styling options this dress has to offer from tough and trendy to classic and structured; chic and casual too.

Floral Maxi Classic
I think my definition of a classic outfit always includes a black blazer.  A blazer over a maxi is so polished and unexpected.  I love it.  Another fantasy of mine is wearing platform pumps with a maxi dress.  Not happening here but a must look for the more petite ladies out there.  For jewels I would keep it simple with flower studs and a dainty gold ring.  The only statement piece I would add is a geometric gold cuff.  I will admit this straw clutch is not a perfect match but the color is gorgeous and it's only $12 so why not have a little fun?  I have to say this maxi begs for two of my favorite go-to beauty products: the Laura Mercier eye pencil in Antique Jade and the Bobbi Gold Star shadow.

I call this my South Beach meets NYC glam look.  I love, love, love a tough leather jacket over a floral and feminine dress.  A white leather jacket could be the most fabulous jacket you add to your wardrobe this season.  Less heavy than the typical black leather.  As tempting as it is to go with a pair of heels, I can't get enough of this gold-plated sandal and think it works perfectly besides being a more comfortable option...especially if you plan on dancing the night away.  I envision statement earrings with this glam look that really shine when the jacket comes off.  I would probably layer a couple delicate gold necklaces too.  A studded clutch is completely necessary as is one of my favorite eyeshadow duos for a sultry eye.

Tropical Maxi Classic
We have established there are multiple ways to dress this floral maxi up but let's be real about how most people like to get down with their maxi dresses: casual and comfortable.  Can you think of any better topper for a maxi than a denim jacket?  Just make sure to keep it fitted for the most flattering silhouette possible.  I already shared with you I love this bauble bib but the hot pink version is to die for and matches the dress perfectly...and on sale!  Keep the rest of the jewelry simple such as rhinestone studs in a updated spiked shape.  The Target Lavada sandals coordinate well as does the new Bobbi Brown lipgloss in Pink Lily.  A functional and fashionable crossbody handbag is perfect for running errands so your hands are free to carry home beautiful bouquets from the market and shopping bags...or a mojito.

This floral maxi falls into the exception I can make for purchasing an out-of-season item: super cute and affordable.  However, appearances can be deceiving.  When this dress is layered with jackets, you are able to wear this maxi sooner rather than later.  I also believe a dress this pretty at such a good price may sell out fast so it is worth purchasing earlier in the season and storing it in your closet until the weather turns.

CCTip:  Always size up in maxis if you are tall.  You do not want too short of hem.  Maxis should hide your footwear.

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