Sundays At Target

Generally I try to refrain from buying sandals until it is seasonally appropriate because circa March 24, it is still snowing out where I live.

Why buy something that is going to sit in your closet for potentially months?

The only exception to this rule are sandals that are super cute and a bargain.

Or if you are going on Spring Break...which I am not...so I am able to invoke rule #1.

(Also available in black...which my Mom bought.)

Last year everyone did a version of this sandal and it appears the same for this year.  See Manolo BlahnikJ.Crew and kate spade.  Given all those price tags, I am perfectly happy with the $17 version from Target.  So while I may not break these sandals out for awhile, it's nice knowing I have them in my closet should the weather decide to make a dramatic change in short notice.

Should the weather dramatically change, here is an outfit using Target pieces revolving around my new sandals...nothing over $25:

Sundays At Target: Lavada Sandal
CCTip:  These sandals are not housed on the shelves in the shoe section but rather hanging on the back wall.  It took me a long time to find them.  As in multiple trips to multiple Targets.

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