Enchanted Goats

I am a little behind in my reading. 

I am just getting to the March '11 Vogue with Lady Gaga on the cover.

You might think Gaga would be the most exciting thing going on in Vogue. 

You would be mistaken.

Photo Credit: Bruce Weber

A little known fun fact about me is I love baby goats.  They are just so cute.  Finally the fashion world is recognizing their style by giving baby goats the 10-page spread in Vogue they rightfully deserve.

Karen Elston is hauntingly beautiful and looks to be the perfect fashionable caretaker of baby goats.  I am supremely jealous.  I mean how do I get to lounge around in a Chanel dress all day with a fancy parasol and baby goat?  Marry a White Stripe?

Okay Gaga, you don't look half bad in Alexander McQueen either but where's the goats?

Photo Credit: Mario Testino

I like the feathers though!

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