Missoni Moment

So 2 major things happened this week in regards to Missoni, the iconic Italian knitwear fashion house known for its zigs and its zags.

One.  Vogue is reporting Missoni will collaborate on a 400 piece capsule collection for Target this Fall.  This is amazing!  The line will include not only clothing but serveware and bedding as well.  If there is one thing I love more than a Missoni knit (which I can't afford) it is a Missoni hand towel.  Expect this to be the biggest thing in affordable style since Uncle Karl designed a collection for H&M.

Courtney Hobo Bag by Big Buddha
$95 at Macy's To Buy

Two.  I found the perfect Missoni zig-zag-inspired handbag for summer.  I am a little disappointed because this bag pictures more grey when it is actually blush and tan weaving over a layer of silver sequin.  So funny because I saw a shopper carrying this bag at Macy's and I thought it was a cute, neutral bag for summer.  What a pleasant surprise when I discovered she actually bought it at Macy's.  Go figure.  It's boho glam meets function which is the perfect combo for a warm weather handbag.

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